Femi Adesanya

Femi Adesanya
Senior Vice President
Intellectual Concepts, LLC
United States
Dr. Adesanya has over 38 years of experience in environmental monitoring and assessment, pollution prevention and environmental education. Majority of these experiences are specifically related to air and water issues. Dr. Adesanya’s experience include: planning, conducting as a principal investigator, and supervising technical and managerial aspects of contracts with EPA, DOE, and NASA on a day-to-day basis. His management experience includes varied projects that cover both research and design projects. He has managed large study projects from concept through to implementation. Such integration offers the creation of partnership that can create a vision and provide for consensus building. The experimental design areas include strong understanding of analytical methods and a wide range of analytical instruments. He has developed and implemented a Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program to meet companywide research needs. Dr. Adesanya has knowledge of the Transit dynamics particularly in the Metro Atlanta, having participated in most major Transit initiatives studied or built in the past 10 years. In the past five years, he has provided outstanding leadership in operations and growth of services in the Transit and Roadway arena. These projects have covered various aspects of project delivery to include Design and Build. In his current position, he is providing leadership and day-to-day operation for Intellectual Concepts and drive the strategic direction of Intellectual Concepts’ Mobility and Engineering Services. In this capacity he is leading various areas such as Construction Management, Intelligent Transit Technology, Mobility Planning, and Transit activities such as transit mobility, rail vehicle consulting, and services related to field of environmental impact and health.
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