Mackenzie Arthur de Carle

Mackenzie Arthur de Carle
Transit Technology Analyst
IBI Group
Mackenzie is a Transit Technology Consultant with experience in public transit and traffic operations as well as Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions. His experience includes the development of transit technology strategy, ConOps, specifications, white papers, needs assessments, implementation support, transit planning, and analytics. Mackenzie’s work takes a systems engineering approach with a focus on developing a deep understanding of existing and future technologies as well as the client’s needs. This has been used for a variety of technology areas including CAD/AVL, radio communication, fare systems, and real-time information. Mackenzie has supported transit data projects including technology recommendations and requirements to improve GTFS and GTFS-realtime data for transit agencies and the TCRP G-18 research effort to standardize ITS data including AVL, APC, and AFC.
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