Paul Sorensen

Paul Sorensen
Senior Associate
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Dr. Paul Sorensen is a Principal with Cambridge Systematics and serves as a senior project manager in the firm’s software business line. Paul’s current work focuses on developing, enhancing, and supporting open source software solutions to foster improved transportation planning and operations, with emphasis in the areas of trip planning, transportation scheduling, active transportation, project planning, and program assessment. Recent examples include projects involving OneBusAway (real-time passenger information), OpenTripPlanner (multimodal trip planning), 1-Click (trip planning with a mobility management focus), and RidePilot (transportation scheduling). Paul has worked with many of the larger transit providers and planning agencies across the country, and he has also managed innovative projects supported by FTA grant funding, including the recent Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox and Innovative Coordinated Access and Mobility programs. Prior to joining Cambridge Systematics, Paul served as Associate Director of the Transportation, Space, and Technology program at the RAND Corporation, where he focused on policy analysis in the areas of planning under uncertainty, transportation funding, urban mobility, alternative fuels, climate change mitigation and adaptation, performance measures, and emergency response logistics. Dr. Sorensen holds a BA in computer science from Dartmouth College, an MA in urban planning from University of California, Los Angeles, and a PhD in geography from University of California, Santa Barbara.
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